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"What are my strengths?", "What do I believe about life, relationships, work, and the world around me?", "Why am I the way I am? Why do I feel the way I do?", "Why are others the way they are?", "Who am I?"

If you're curious about these types of questions, interested in being your best self or wanting to become more self-aware - we invite you to become part of TwinFlame.  

We're the go-to app for astrology, self-awareness, introspective, and personality-insights!

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Everything You Want to Know About Yourself is a Download Away

Get ready to dive deep into the cosmos with TwinFlame's Astrology feature! Explore a universe of astrological knowledge, spanning multiple house systems and intricate charting, all at your fingertips. Our insightful interpretations light up the mysteries of your zodiac, connecting you to the stars and beyond. With TwinFlame, astrology is more than celestial—it's personal, empowering, and oh-so-fun. So, step into your cosmic journey and let the Universe be your guide. Your future, after all, is written in the stars! 

TwinFlame Astrology

Ready to chart your path through the cosmos with TwinFlame's Adventure Guide? Uncover how different locations around the world resonate with your personal astrological signature. Our intuitive Astrocartography tool connects you with the energy of the earth and sky, revealing places that could unlock love, adventure, growth, and even destiny. With TwinFlame, your geographical exploration becomes an exhilarating cosmic journey. Let's map your starlit path and see where the Universe wants you to shine!

TwinFlame Astrocartography

Greet each day with a burst of cosmic insight using TwinFlame's Daily & Weekly Horoscopes! Tailored to your unique astrological blueprint, these horoscopes guide your journey through the rhythms of the Universe, day by day, week by week. And with our handy widget, your personal star forecast is always just a glance away. Plus, with our Alexa integration, you can start your morning with a voice-activated dose of celestial wisdom. With TwinFlame, your horoscope becomes a guiding star, illuminating your path towards joy, love, and self-discovery. Let's turn the ordinary into the extraordinary, one horoscope at a time! 


TwinFlame Horoscopes

Dive into the mystical world of divination with TwinFlame's Tarot features! Pull from the deck each week and uncover the guidance that the Tarot has in store for you. Whether you draw the Star, the Lovers, or the Fool, each card weaves a story that resonates with your life's journey. And with curated Tarot videos for all signs, each zodiac gets a personalized exploration into the powerful imagery and symbolism of Tarot. TwinFlame is your digital guide into the centuries-old wisdom of the Tarot, bringing ancient mysticism right into your hands. Draw your cards and let the Tarot unveil the secrets of your path. Ready for the reveal?


TwinFlame Tarot

Dive into the depths of your psyche with TwinFlame's Enneagram feature! Explore this dynamic personality system and uncover the essence of who you truly are. From reformers to peacemakers, our Enneagram tool helps you identify your core motivations, fears, and desires. But it doesn't stop at self-discovery—use this transformative tool to foster personal growth, enhance relationships, and deepen your understanding of others. With TwinFlame's Enneagram feature, your personal evolution is in your hands. Unfold the layers of your personality, unlock the mysteries of your inner world, and let your true self shine! 


TwinFlame Enneagram

Experience the transformative power of reflection with TwinFlame's Journaling feature! Embark on a journey of self-discovery with daily and reflective journaling, providing you a space to record your thoughts, dreams, and celestial insights. Every day becomes an opportunity for growth as you log your horoscope and the planetary placements, creating a beautiful record of your personal cosmic journey. But it doesn't stop at recording—our innovative JournalAI provides insightful feedback, guiding your self-reflection and personal growth. With TwinFlame, journaling becomes a spiritual practice, connecting you deeper with yourself and the cosmos. Pen your journey, explore your inner cosmos, and let the magic of your words unveil your brightest self! 

TwinFlame Journaling

Turn your cosmic journey into a social adventure with TwinFlame's Social features! Add your friends and take a peek into their astrology charts. See how your stars align with theirs and discover the celestial connections that bind you together. And the fun doesn't stop there—join our group chat 'Mega Chat', a bustling space where like-minded star-seekers connect, share, and grow together. Discuss your star signs, swap astrology insights, or just chat about your day under the cosmos. With TwinFlame, your astrological journey is not just about you—it's about being part of a cosmic community. So, let's socialize under the stars and explore the Universe together! 

TwinFlame Social

Stay in sync with the cosmic rhythm with TwinFlame's 'PlanetsNow' feature! Experience astrology in real-time as you keep track of the current planetary placements and the ever-changing phases of the moon. Witness the celestial dance as it unfolds, from the fiery march of Mars to the graceful pirouette of Venus, and the transformative journey of the Moon from new to full. Our Planetary Hour features let you tap into the unique energy of each planetary hour, empowering your day with celestial influence. With TwinFlame, you're not just observing—you're actively engaging with the cosmic ballet. Align with the planets, attune to the moon, and let the rhythms of the cosmos guide your journey!


TwinFlame PlanetsNow

Embark on a journey of astrological discovery with TwinFlame's Aspects and Transits feature! Unlock the dynamic dance between the planets as they form magical connections—our Aspects tool lets you understand these celestial conversations and how they shape your unique path. And with our Transits tool, stay attuned to the cosmic pulse, witnessing planetary movements and their profound influence on your life. Let TwinFlame illuminate these celestial phenomena for you, turning complex astrology into intuitive insights. Navigate life's twists and turns with the cosmos as your compass, and let the Universe lead you towards your greatest self!

TwinFlame Aspects & Transits

Light up your astrological journey with TwinFlame's Fixed-Star Astrology feature! Connect with the ancient, eternal lights in the sky, and discover the unique influences these celestial jewels bestow upon your life. Our Fixed-Star feature takes you on a cosmic ride across the celestial sphere, revealing the potent energies of these distant suns. Learn how each star amplifies, modifies or inspires your planetary aspects, enriching your astrological understanding. With TwinFlame, you don't just gaze at the stars, you dance with them, turning cosmic wisdom into personal growth. Embark on a journey to the fixed stars and let their timeless tales illuminate your path!

TwinFlame Fixed Star Astrology

Unlock the language of the Universe with TwinFlame's Numerology features! Dive into this ancient science of numbers and explore the hidden meanings behind the digits that shape your world. From your Life Path number to your Heart's Desire, our Numerology tool unravels the numerical vibrations that guide and influence your journey. Discover how the magic of numbers can offer deep insights into your character, destiny, and potential. With TwinFlame, you'll find that numbers are more than mere counts—they're the secret codes of the cosmos, ready to reveal their wisdom to you. So, let's decode your unique numerical blueprint and tune in to your personal cosmic rhythm! 

TwinFlame Numerology

Dive deep into the realm of your psyche with TwinFlame's Psychology features! Embark on an exploration of self-understanding through an array of engaging personality tests. From discovering your communication style with DISC, unravelling your cognitive processes with the Jung Personality Type, to finding out your Love Preference, we've got a rich suite of tests ready to uncover the various layers of your persona. Each test illuminates a unique facet of you, helping you understand your strengths, navigate your relationships, and ultimately, know yourself better. With TwinFlame, psychology becomes a key to self-discovery, opening doors to greater self-awareness and personal growth. Let's decode the mysteries of your mind and unlock your potential!  

TwinFlame Psychology

Immerse yourself in the cosmic symphony with TwinFlame's Music feature! Specially curated for each zodiac element, our playlists resonate with your astrological energies, setting the perfect soundtrack for your celestial journey. Whether you're a fiery Aries, a grounded Taurus, an airy Gemini, or a watery Cancer, we've got a melody for your astrological makeup. Sync your Apple Music or Spotify subscription, and let the magic of music carry you across the cosmic sea. With TwinFlame, each beat, rhythm, and harmony connects you deeper to the Universe, turning your astrological exploration into a celestial concert. Ready to groove with the stars? 

TwinFlame Music

Ignite your quest for cosmic knowledge with TwinFlame U! Dive into our innovative learning system, TwinFlame University, and unlock a universe of learning. Gain access to over 30 comprehensive classes on astrology, where you can explore everything from the basics of zodiac signs to the intricate depths of natal charts. And guess what? This cosmic education comes with no tuition fees! That's right, say goodbye to student loans and hello to free, enlightening wisdom. Plus, with our GPA system, every class you take and every lesson you learn contributes to your astrological expertise. With TwinFlame U, learning astrology becomes not just a journey of enlightenment and growth, but a stress-free adventure in the cosmos. Ready to earn your degree in stars, without the burden of student debt? Your cosmic classroom awaits! 

TwinFlame U
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Want to learn more about yourself and your personality?  We have psychological and spiritual tools and assessments that give you unparalleled insight into what makes you really you!  Use this to become your best self, or to better understand your friends’ and family’s personalities and points of view - how they could be different from yours - and how to best build tighter relationships.
TwinFlame is an astrology app, an astrocartography app, a zodiac app, a horoscope app, a numerology app, a tarot app, a psychology app, a journaling app - all together! TwinFlame is a full-personality-insights ecosystem.  Join the community! 


TwinFlame is simple to use, but it is powerful, deep, and tuned. 


We have psychological and spiritual tools, quizzes, and assessments to help you know you! Access detailed personality descriptions and interpretations from the best subject matter experts. Our library of personality insight interpretations is 150,000 words strong and growing every day! Videos, social communities, network and make friends, have fun & play games, see amazing artistic content from community members...  


While other apps have some of this, only TwinFlame brings it all together.  Plus we made it all ridiculously fun and easy to use.  You'll be addicted...


We'd say it's "The Astrology App"!! TwinFlame is as wide as it is deep.  We don't stop at astrology: we add spiritual assessments, curated videos, psychological insights, advanced artificial intelligence.  We have games.  We're social.  Our methods and approaches to insights and relationship matching are patent-pending.  TwinFlame is more than just astrology: its a full-personality insights ecosystem.


Dude, it's free.  TwinFlame is full-featured and we don't nickel and dime you with upfront costs, subscription models, or pay-for-every-little-feature approaches.  Its a world of information, content, connections, and expertise ready for you to consume!

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