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Compared to other apps, TwinFlame incorporates a lot more information about psychology, combining this with astrological practice. This free app also has features that allow you to connect your music and journal inside the app.



United Kingdom, 2021:

New World Report has announced the winners of the annual Software and Technology Awards.

The Americas are standouts in the fields of software and technology and are responsible for over a million jobs in the region. Integral to so many industries it is essential in impacting the region though, new innovative technology and software are being created regularly to further support the regions as they look to further develop.

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If your favorite thing about astrology is that it helps you understand yourself better, this app is where it's at. Along with birth chart analysis, it gives you tons of different personality quizzes.

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This app has tons of psychological and spiritual tools to help assess your personality and provide insight with the power of artificial intelligence. It also has a journaling feature, which analyzes your writing with AI to give you insight about your personality.





TwinFlame is a sophisticated app that launched recently and is available for iPhone/iPad. The app allows you to dig deep into your astrology profile, and has a lot of other features and tools that help you know yourself. 

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TwinFlame Development, LLC is proud to announce the launch of TwinFlame Music – a new feature in TwinFlame 1.21 for iOS devices. TwinFlame Music is a curated set of playlists, unique to the astrology elements of Fire, Earth, Water, and Air. 



TwinFlame is the iPhone app that gives users access to the TwinFlame Network – the go-to social community for self-awareness, introspective, and personality-insights. It is the first mobile app dedicated personal growth and awareness that combines the disciplines of psychology and spirituality to provide comprehensive insights.