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How to TwinFlame

Questions about how to use the app?  These tutorial and walkthru videos can help!

TwinFlame Setup

So you're ready to get out of the gate with TwinFlame?  YAY!  This video helps you with your initial setup!

Astrology on TwinFlame

An overview of the astrology features of the App!

Using JournalAI

This feature analyzes your writing and gives you insights into what you journal about about on TwinFlame and how you may feel about the things you're journaling about!

Making your Avatar

In this video, we walk you through customizing your avatar on the TwinFlame app! From locks to lids, we got you covered! Have fun!

Rock out with TwinFlame Music

TwinFlame has playlists for your zodiac sign!  This video helps you get going with this feature!

Using IdeaPique

TwinFlame can help you juggle. :)

TwinFlame VR

AKA: "Cal goes rogue"

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