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Around the World in 80 Days!

Welcome to the fascinating world of astrocartography, where the planets and stars use your birth chart and the Earth as a guide to help you live your best life! Astrocartography presents you with energetic lines that can help lead you to new experiences, transformational places, and deep connections with others. Today, I'm going to give you insight into the meanings of each line in astrocartography and help better your understanding! We are excited to announce our new release of astrocartography and encourage you all to try it out! We would also love to hear your feedback so please feel free to post about your experience with using the astrocartography feature and don’t forget to tag us! Without further ado, let's get to exploring!

The Radiance of the Sun Line: As you travel along the Sun line, enjoy and bask in the spotlight! You are the focus of attention wherever you go thanks to the radiance of the Sun. You can expect to feel more admiration and warmth from others, and more confidence within yourself. This is a feel-good line and can help you attract fulfillment, success, attention, and

unwavering confidence. You’re sure to shine as bright

as the Sun!

The Charm of the Venus Line:

Welcome to the place of love and beauty! When you cross the Venus line, you turn into a magnetic force that easily attracts romantic encounters and deep connections. You can expect to feel more attractive and focused on your outward appearance. This line will help you find loving connections and

will give you lots of attention from potential suitors.

You’ll have an easier time embracing love from yourself

and welcoming love from others!

The Comfort of the Moon Line:

As you travel along the Moon line, you’ll have the opportunity to explore your emotional depths and find comfort through introspection. Your intuition and sensitivity will be enhanced and nurturing your own needs will come easier to you. This line offers a safe haven where you can foster emotional development, engage in deep self-reflection, and make deep spiritual connections with others.

The Luck of the Jupiter Line:

Welcome to the land of abundance and opportunity! When you cross the Jupiter line, expect to be showered with opportunities and prosperity. Expect

to feel more optimistic and eager to embrace new experiences. This is a great time to take classes or learn a new skill/subject. As your horizons expand,

you’ll find yourself in a world filled with endless

possibilities and infinite growth.

The Spunk of the Mars Line:

As you travel along the Mars line, ignite your passionate and energetic spirit! This dynamic path strengthens your motivation, aspirations, and gives you the inner strength to face life's obstacles head-on. This is a great time to take workout classes or incorporate more movement into your routine.

Prepare to feel propelled to achieve your goals with

confidence and inner strength.

The Wit of the Mercury Line:

Welcome to the land of communication and intellect! Your words have an alluring quality and your thoughts become lightning quick. Ideas come to you easily, and you communicate with wit and charm. This is a great time to try out new novels, engage in interesting conversations, or pick up a new hobby! You may have an easier time expressing yourself through words and a desire to challenge yourself intellectually.

The Imagination of the Neptune Line:

Welcome to the land of glamor, creativity, and fantasy! Here, intuition and imagination come together in perfect harmony. This combination invites and welcomes spiritual insights, artistic revelations, and fantastical events! This is a great time to focus on your dreams and ensure that they manifest into reality. Be careful not to get too caught up in the fantasy and allow yourself to see things for what they are.

The Eclectic Nature of the Uranus Line:

Prepare to say goodbye to the ordinary and hello to a life of excitement and thrills! This interesting path urges you to (unapologetically) embrace your true and authentic self. You may encounter very strange/unusual events or individuals with a quirky streak. This is a great time to celebrate diversity, embrace alternative lifestyles, and participate in humanitarian groups!

The Mission of the Midheaven Line:

Get ready to climb the ladder of professional success! This path urges you to focus on your life purpose and your career/professional aspirations. You may find that attention and recognition flows to you easily when you are aligned with your soul’s purpose. Your actions are propelled by ambition, and you are laser focused on success within your field. This is a great time to organize your goals and develop your skill set.

The Authority of the Saturn Line:

Welcome to the land of duty and discipline! This path urges you to direct your focus on building a solid foundation and assists you in achieving your personal goals. You may find this time of your life to be challenging and requires you to take control of your future. Your perseverance, patience, and diligence will reap great rewards! This is a great time to acquire new knowledge and take on more personal responsibility.


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Art by: @Katinkwell

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Curious George
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