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Introducing Me!

Hi TwinFlame Community!

My name is Jada and I’m incredibly excited to embark on a voyage of astrological knowledge and awareness and to take all of you with me.

Since I don’t want us to be strangers, here’s a bit about me: I’m a college student in the USA, I’m a writer (of course), I love reading mystery novels and trying to guess the endings, I have an 8-year-old cat named Mikey, I love board games, my favorite season is Fall but I was not born during it, and my favorite color is pink or yellow depending on the day!

Great, now we’re acquainted. Don’t scroll yet: can you guess my sign? Leave your guesses in the comments and feel free to introduce yourself.

If you’re like me, astrology is probably something that you’ve dabbled in but maybe you haven’t gone to the next level and truly immersed yourself in it. You probably know your Sun sign, or maybe even your big three (Sun, Moon, and Rising signs). So it might shock you to know that the world of astrology is huge and there’s always more to learn.

I’ve been using the TwinFlame app every day to explore aspects of astrology that are completely new to me. If you’re looking to get started, definitely check the Charts & Reports section and take time to read through your Natal Chart, which will explain your planets and placements.

The first three you’ll see (often referred to as your Big Three) are your Sun Sign, Moon Sign, and Ascendant or Rising Sign. I’ll use mine to tell you a bit about me!

Virgo Sun: As a Virgo, I’m meticulous, modest, intelligent, and reliable. It’s important to me to do things correctly. I’m a stable person and go through life in a practical manner. I’m a hard worker but can suffer from anxiety. My high standards can lead me to be critical of others when my standards aren’t met … but thankfully I’m working on that.

Aquarius Moon: My Aquarius moon means I can be detached, agreeable, erratic, independent, and friendly. In relationships I look for a partner that understands my need for independence (btw, check out my Valentine’s Day post!) I’m also open-minded with a natural ability for communication which means I have an easier time making friends and collaborating. Despite being emotional, I can detach from my emotions and I prefer to break down and process them in a logical manner.

Virgo Rising: According to my Virgo rising, I can come across as innocent, practical, and critical. I feel the need to be of service to my loved ones. My ability to analyze and dissect every aspect of a situation allows me to be level-headed and a dedicated worker.

I really connect with my Aquarius moon as a descriptor for my personality, which makes sense because my chart is 27% Aquarius! You can find a visual summary of your chart by selecting the pie chart icon on the Natal Chart screen of the app.

The thing that draws me to astrology is that I always have the desire to understand more about myself. I always have more questions!

Astrology has been a great avenue for answering those questions. Specifically TwinFlame, because it covers so many aspects of personality – where else are you going to find an Enneagram test, Numerology reports, Tarot, and more on an astrology-centered app???

But there’s more to all of us than personality tests and the position of the stars when we were born. These things can help us understand ourselves, but you are a unique individual and you should view yourself as a sum of your parts, not just one detail (looking at you, if you base everything on your sun sign!)

So what else is there to say about me?

In the interest of not doxxing myself, I’ll just tell you some of my favorite things. My favorite movie is tied between Spirited Away and Knives Out. My favorite song right now is Interstate by Big Thief. My favorite poem is Wild Geese by Mary Oliver. My favorite Starbucks drink is a dirty chai with oat milk.

My favorite book is Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones, and I’m currently reading The Witch Elm by Tana French. I prefer mysteries and thrillers but will read anything including magical realism, romance, nonfiction, etc.

Let me know in the comments if you’d like some book recommendations .. maybe based on your sign or element? For music recommendations you can check the app under Fun & Social and then TwinFlame Music!

Thanks for being part of the TwinFlame community with me and I am so excited to be here!

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10 mrt. 2022


09 mrt. 2022

crazy how i instantly thought “virgo” and you’re literally a rising and sun virgo

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