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Love is in the air. Venus has entered Aquarius.

Hello my sweet souls,

Venus has officially entered Aquarius! We move towards unconventionality, independence and freedom as themes in our social relationships under this influence. It’s going to be important to allow yourself and/or your significant other freedom of expression.

No matter where you lie on the spectrum of Valentine’s Day, whether you are a cynic or a sentimentalist, it's important to treat others fairly, unselfishly, and impartially. I know for myself, and many others, that Valentine’s Day isn’t always the fairy-tale you played out, and can lead to a day of disappointment.

Whether that be because you didn’t receive a gift, didn’t spend enough quality time together or maybe you were waiting on words to reassure their feelings for you, that never came. Many times this happens simply because we don’t express how we receive love from others.

Love Preferences, describe how we receive love.


Love Preferences

  • Quality Time-You appreciate spending focused time with a loved one and having their undivided attention.

  • Words of Affirmation- Hearing a loved one say they love you and appreciate & support you is especially meaningful to you.

  • Physical Touch-Enjoys being close to their partner. Sharing a touch is especially meaningful to you.

  • Acts of Service- Appreciates when their partner makes an effort to do thoughtful tasks to help out.

  • Receiving Gifts-Loves thoughtful gifts & gestures. A thoughtful gift a loved one has picked for you is especially meaningful to you.


Reading through them, many would say they resonate with all of them. Which you are completely right, but usually there is one that is more dominant in your love preference.

When I started reading about this concept, I went through this flashback of events with my past romantic partners and my friendships. I saw connections between relationships that have failed and the ones that have continued to grow. My dominant Love Preference is Quality Time. Instead of trying to explain what my Quality Time looks like, I will share this quote with you:

“Souls tend to go back to who feels like home.” -N.R. Hart

My Quality Time feels like home. Safe, boundless, accepted and free.


TwinFlame has a great Love Preference Quiz that can give you a rank of your Love Preferences based off of the questions you answer!

  1. Click on TwinFlame App

  2. Click Charts & Reports

  3. Scroll down to Love Preference

  4. Find out how you prefer to receive love?

  5. There are 5 love preferences- Which one is your strongest?

This is so important to know while you are on your journey because you discover how you feel loved and appreciated. One relationship you will always be in (and the most important) is the relationship you have with yourself. The love you give yourself will set the bar on how you allow others to love you.

What was so powerful to me about this realization was, I no longer had this longing disappointment for someone else to do something nice for me, or in the way I wanted it. I was no longer disappointed.

So, since my first heartbreak about 5 years ago now, I still buy myself roses throughout the year, especially on Valentine’s Day and my birthday. I admire them as I immerse myself in what feels like home.

Share what instills happiness for you, and do it for yourself this year, and every year after because you have always been worth it.


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