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Discover You, With Some Tunes

Hello again my music lovers!

Now that all the Thanksgiving festivities have concluded, we are well into November, and you know what that means… “All I Want For Christmas Is You” playing on the radio on a continuous loop.

Don’t get me wrong that song is a bop, but sometimes I need other kinds of music to suit my moods for the day.

Music has become a staple in my life and I could not tell you my favorite genre, it ranges anywhere from pop, EDM, classical, R&B, and musical theatre.

Listening to music every day has made it my escape from the world. It may be sometimes therapeutic and healing for your mind and most of the time for me getting hyped up for a volleyball match.

Some days I struggle to figure out what kind of music my mind and soul need for that day, since discovering TwinFlame Music on the app, it has guided me in the right directions.

On the app, within the Fun & Social panel, there is specific music made for you and your zodiac sign.

Playlists that were shaped for me as a Capricorn, range anywhere from soft Coldplay to raging love songs by Adele, or even some early 2000s Kanye West rap.

When I listen to music, I choose songs that I can personally and emotionally connect to the lyrics and the artist. Knowing that someone else is feeling the same way or going through what I am, lightens the load because I know I am not the only one.

Finding yourself in music is a magical and mysterious thing. Finding what kind of music you need, is in your hands, you get to decide your own style and genre to your personal likings which is awesome because not one person is the same!

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