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Get Witty with Siri

Hello Friends,

My name is Kaitlyn and I am an internship blogger for TwinFlame this semester! I am beyond excited to take this journey with you all.

Writing is one of my biggest passions and I can not wait to share my experiences and stories with you.

I am a senior college student-athlete playing volleyball and track & field. My major is communications with a minor in graphic design. My sign is Capricorn!

But on a not-so-serious note, do you remember the first time you used Siri? Well, I was 13 years old, on an iPhone 5. Not sure what to make of this Siri thing, I started asking it questions. Siri played me a song, told me the weather, and even did a math problem. Siri became my best friend after I discovered it could do math.

Siri was introduced to iPhone users in 2011 and was widely known as the first virtual personal assistant. Since then Siri has developed so many new features and new accessibilities. In 2011 it was only available on the iPhone 4S but now the feature is used on iPhone, IPad, Mac, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and HomePod, basically any Apple device.

On whichever device you are using, Siri can do all sorts of cool things! My new favorite addition to Siri is on the TwinFlame app!

Millions of Apple users interact with this feature every day, but what can it do?

What is usually a funny joke that Siri gives when you ask for your horoscope, if enabled in the TwinFlame app, Siri will read you a genuine horoscope for the day for your zodiac sign.

We're excited that in the last months of the new feature arriving in the app, hundreds of users have enabled the Siri feature!

It is as simple as rolling out of bed asking, “Hey Siri, what is my horoscope from my TwinFlame app?”, what a great way to start your day!

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