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It's Finally Finals

TwinFlame Community, it’s been an incredible journey, but it’s about to come to an end. That’s right – it’s finals week.

But Jada, my finals week was last week/next week/ten years ago and I already passed them/don’t think I passed! I’m happy for you! Or sorry that happened. But a lot of people are about to be in our last week of the semester and we need to be prepared!

Finals week comes with a lot of stress. Life does too! Although these tips are specific to finals week, some things are universal! I want to stress one thing, however: you know yourself best. Use what will be beneficial to you and discard the rest.

Without further ado, here are some tips to get you through finals season.

Make a schedule.

This might be the Virgo in me talking, but making a schedule saves me every single semester. The days of frantic 3am calculations trying to figure out what you need to do to pass are over. Make a schedule of when all your finals are due and plan your study sessions accordingly. I use my calendar app and add my finals as events, including the room numbers and anything I have to bring (#2 pencil, scantron, blue books, etc) so that everything I need is in one place where I can easily see it.

Take breaks.

I know, it sounds crazy – you’re on a deadline here! But if you’re feeling really burned out and you aren’t functioning as well as you could be, that’s probably a sign that you need to take it easy for a bit. Take a break and just relax! Your body and your brain will thank you.

Go to sleep.

This is not the same as taking a break. You should be doing both of those things. Being on a regular sleep schedule will improve the quality of the time that you’re awake, and also, has a huge effect on your mood. Feeling grumpy? Frustrated? Annoyed? Take a nap.

Move around.

Moving your body in a way that works for you and benefits you is really important. Whether that's going for a jog, dancing around your room, or anything else – don’t just sit at your desk all week.

Eat something.

Not just instant ramen, either. Personally, I find that protein in the morning keeps me energized much longer than anything else, but I’m not a dietician. Listen to your body – eat when you’re hungry, stay hydrated, and don’t forget to make time for snacks. I like carrying energy bars around with me for when I can’t stop for a full meal. And chocolate increases serotonin!

Ask for help.

And yeah, that might mean going to office hours or asking your teacher for extra help after class. If there’s someone you can go to for help studying or even just advice, take the opportunity and don’t feel bad about it! Use every resource at your disposal. See if your school offers tutoring. Whatever is going to help you learn is a good thing.

Ask for more help.

Okay, maybe you’re still trying to calculate what you need to pass your classes. Trust me on this one: email your teacher/professor. Ask for an extension on your paper. Ask if you can get extra time on the exam. The worse they can say is no, and if they do, at least you know you did everything that you could. Sometimes that’s a huge relief – knowing that you’ve exhausted every option at your disposal.

Utilize mental health resources.

If you really feel like you’re drowning in a sea of stress, sometimes the problem requires a bit more than snacks and going for a walk. Your school might have resources that you can reach out to when things get overwhelming. Don’t be afraid to rely on friends or family to talk things through. And there are stress management resources online that can help – one of the most useful stress relieving techniques for me is progressive muscle relaxation, and I learned it from doing a quick internet search.

Have fun!

There often comes a time when you’re not hungry, thirsty, tired, restless, or overwhelmed – you’re just bored. Give yourself permission to have fun during finals week. Whether that’s going out with friends or spending time on our favorite app (TwinFlame, obviously) you deserve that break!


Those are my best recommendations to help you chill out during finals week. I promise, you’ll get through this (I’m talking to future me, too) and come out on the other side relieved that it’s over.

And although you’ll be getting one more post from me, TwinFlame community, I want to take this opportunity to wish you all well on your own personal and/or astrological journeys. My time writing for you all has been enlightening and while it soon comes to a close, I can promise you I’ll still be around as a community member.

Thank you all for reading my words!

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