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Monday, Tuesday, Happy Days!

Hello everyone! It’s officially summer and I hope you all have had a chance to relax and have some fun! If you have any cool plans, leave them in the comments below! I would love to hear all about them. In this blog post, I'm going to talk about a concept that is deeply fascinating to me! The planetary rulers, the days of the week, and the association with each zodiac sign. If you're curious to find out which day of the week is associated with your zodiac sign, I implore you to download the TwinFlame app. You will have access to your full natal chart and the ability to add friends for free if they have the app! Let's get into it!


  • Ruling Planet: Moon

  • Moon rules over the Zodiac sign of Cancer

  • Themes: Emotions, Intuition, Comfort, Sensitivity, Harmony

  • Colors to wear to honor the Planet: White, Light Blue, Silver, and Light gray

✨Monday is a great day to listen to your emotions and focus on your mental well-being. Light some candles, diffuse essential oils, and invest in creating a relaxing living space. Honor your moon sign and allow for some time to nourish your body.


  • Ruling Planet: Mars

  • Mars rules over the Zodiac sign Aries & is the traditional ruler of Scorpio

  • Themes: Action, Energy, Progression, Goals, Aspirations

  • Colors to wear to honor the Planet: Shades of Red & Orange

✨Tuesday is the perfect day to start new projects and set clear goals for yourself. You may feel more optimistic about the future and more eager to step out of your comfort zone! Do not be afraid to express your ideas to others and go after what you truly desire!


  • Ruling Planet: Mercury

  • Mercury rules over the Zodiac signs Gemini & Virgo

  • Themes: Communication, Planning, Ideation, Creation, Information

  • Colors to wear to honor the Planet: Neutral or Earthy tones

✨Wednesday is the best day for brainstorming and sharing your ideas with others! You may feel more productive and driven to catch up on any work obligations. Make time to socialize and spend time with loved ones.


  • Ruling Planet: Jupiter

  • Jupiter rules over the Zodiac sign Sagittarius & is the traditional ruler of Pisces

  • Themes: Gratitude, Expansion, Blessings, Knowledge, Spirituality

  • Colors to wear to honor the Planet: Shades of Purple & Blue

✨Thursday is a nice day to focus on gratitude and expressing our appreciation to others. You may feel more adventurous and inclined to pursue a new hobby or learn a new subject. Make time for meditation and reflective journaling.


  • Ruling Planet: Venus

  • Venus rules over the Zodiac signs Libra & Taurus

  • Themes: Love, Indulgence, Friendships, Beauty, Romance

  • Colors to wear to honor the Planet: Shades of Pink & Green

✨Friday is a lovely day to indulge in relaxation & self-care. You can expect to feel more romantic and eager to spend quality time with loved ones. Make time for pampering or plan a date night with someone special!


  • Ruling Planet: Saturn

  • Saturn rules over the Zodiac sign Capricorn & is the traditional ruler of Aquarius

  • Themes: Organization, Responsibilities, Wisdom, Discipline, Structure

  • Colors to wear to honor the Planet: Black, Brown, Dark Gray

✨Saturday is a solid day for structure and catching up on any tasks. You may feel more disciplined and responsible which will allow you to accomplish any duties with ease. Spend some time planning for the week ahead and try to incorporate a routine into your life.


  • Ruling Planet: Sun

  • Sun rules over the Zodiac sign Leo

  • Themes: Self-expression, Rejuvenation, Happiness, Confidence, Relaxation

  • Colors to wear to honor the Planet: Gold, Yellow, Orange

✨Sunday is a favorable day to focus on relaxation and self-care. This is a great time to rejuvenate your spirit by starting a new project or hobby. Take it easy and spend time with family and loved ones!


Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post and I hope you guys learned something cool! Enjoy your summer!✨🌴🌺

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